Sunday, November 23, 2008

Praise God!

There was a not so surprising (at least to me) surprise today at the River Church. Today the River Church recognized that God has raised up and consecrated Justin Luckett as an elder. I have felt the LORD raising up Justin to be an elder for many months in my spirit. Praise God for His working at the River Church and especially in the lives of the elders at the church. I really sense that the LORD is going to do a mighty work in the lives of the elders and their families. God has done such a work already but am excited to see all that will come forth. I may have to wait until I am in heaven to see all of the fruit that has come because of all that He is doing in the lives of people at the River Church.

Please pray for Justin and Betsy and their little girl Salem. They have a really neat family and your prayers would be appreciated. I praise God for them and see such a strong presence of Him in their lives.

May God continue to sustain them and give them grace. Amen.

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