Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Election Part 2

This is part two of the two part message on The Election.

I preface this message with a reminder to keep and bear in mind the first part of this two part post before reading this. As Christian's we do not put our hope in worldly affairs or in worldy kingdoms. Praise God for that.

However, God does desire for us to cry out against injustice when we see that it is happening. Normally it is not my nature to call out someone in the realm of politics but I do not feel as though I can obey my conscience by being quiet. There has never been a "God's man" for public office except in the sense that He sets up and removes all earthly authority (Daniel 2:21). With the presidential election coming up I have seen several debates and have been heavily persuaded by some of the things both McCain and Obama have said. Unfortunately the "blood and guts" of what either candidate is saying has been lacking and soundbyte type sayings have primarily been what most American's know. At one time I was persuaded to vote for Obama for several days after watching a debate but then I found out about some of the things Obama had voted for and still holds to and I was quite unsure about how to vote.

Many, many years ago, there was a leader who had the full support of his country. They had a lot of good things going for them when this person came into office and were powerfully persuaded by the promises that this man made. Not only were his promises powerful and that they promoted the good of their country, this leader made good on what he promised. He was really beginning to do a good job in turning things around. People even said that he was overall very moral in many ways. He seemed so good that at one point nearly all Christian Church's were in full support of him. His plan seemed so good that people almost naturally followed what he was saying and proposing.

However, there was one area that people looked over with this leader's philosophy. Human life. This leader's name was Adolf Hitler. Today we remember him for the horrible atrocities that he brought upon many groups of people he felt were "problems" or "trouble" or "difficult" to have to live with and take care of.

Back then, most Germans saw Hitler as an answer to a crumbling world with the difficulties of war, the economy, and the failure of the previous leaders to maintain things properly. The pictures of him with clergy show that many groups were willing to support him at one point. I do wonder what people would have said about Hitler today, had he not had such a low view of human life that led him into performing one of the largest tragedies that happened in the Western World. Hitler was not the only one who has committed such atrocities and he is by far not the worst of people in history in regards to numbers of people killed or the level of disregard.

My point in bringing up Hitler is not to show that Obama is Hitler or the Anti-Christ. There is also a huge discrepancy with this analogy because the disregard for certain groups of humans was the main solution that Hitler proposed. Thus he called it the Ultimate Solution. This is not what Obama proposes as the solution to America's problems.

The point is that regardless of how many good and noble proposals put forth by Obama, there is one proposal that the weight of the issue overthrows any good value that he has. It is in regards to human life. Watch these two clips and continue reading.

Clip 1: Live Birth Abortion Explained

Clip 2: Voting Records and Obama's Position

I would hope that all people would consider Live Birth Abortion as an ultimate insult and evil against humanity. But apparently this is not so. Obama debates this issue that people have him on Live Birth abortion by stating that the bill he voted against was worded differently than the one that were approved. He said in effect that this bill could possibly have overturned Roe vs. Wade and that was the reason he voted against it. It is interesting to note that the section Obama refers to as trying to undermine Roe vs. Wade, as it was the reason that some Democrats also voted against it at one time, was worded in the exact same way as the one that was approved by every member of the Senate. In response to this Obama has said nothing. There was no comment made in response to this and the closest thing to a response that will likely be given was a representative of Obama's calling it absurd.

It may well be absurd to think that a person with two children would support infanticide but frankly, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it is very likely to be a duck. There are occassions where this is not true but leaving a baby to die uncared for, for several hours, is anti-human.

Even under the light of Obama trying to preserve Roe Vs. Wade as he claims to have been doing, it does not make it any better. In essence, he is saying that preserving a person's freedom is more important than preserving life. It is saying that a potential future threat on privacy- a threat that has no guarantee of producing any real change on the issue of abortion- outweighs a live human babies rights right now. It is better to let a person that is created in the image of God, who is totally unable to help themselves, suffer and die than to let a bill pass that may or may not change a law.

Friends, I am not an avid supporter of McCain (nor am I even registered as a Republican) but I do believe that because of this issue, voting for Obama would be wrong. I do not hate Obama and I do not think that all that he has to say is bad. In fact, I like a lot of what he has to say. But it is wrong to support a candidate who, although may have a lot of other strong points, has a disregard for life in the way that he does. This issue speaks volumes in itself about where his values are.

It is not possible to pledge allegiance to Christ and support ANYONE who does this to human life by voting for them. Those are strong words and I do not say them lightly. I do not know how I feel about the issue of dealing with the poor and how the government should work in that area, but comparing people who have options, however limited or vast those options might be, to people who have no means at all to survive in any sense without intervention, is not even a worthy comparison.

How someone treats human life tells how they really feel about God, be it a Republican, a Democrat, a pastor, a Christian, a non-religious person, anyone. This has PROFOUND implications when a person is willing to vote for this. This issue is not a privacy issue; it is a true moral issue. It is not pro-choice vs. pro-life. It is pro-right vs. anti-human.

I do not condemn a person for how they vote nor would I treat a person any differently for voting for Obama, but I would ask that people hear the truth in love. Ultimately God is accomplishing His sovereign purposes in whoever is voted in; and He calls us to pray for ALL people in leadership and to love our enemies and live out our faith in our daily living as the means for exercising our faith, but that does not mean that we need not be informed and vote for our leaders.

I pray that you will weigh heavily what this post has said and that you would lean not on your own understanding but be open to the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you in your voting. I am pleading with you not to support Obama because of this issue and where he is at or seems to be at with this issue right now. An important note to that is that I ask and pray that all Christian's realize that Obama is NOT the enemy. Our enemy is Satan and he alone should we be fighting against.

Pray for both Obama and for McCain as this election time is here and continues to approach that God will soften their hearts and that they will listen to his calling and direction in the issues facing them. God often works in ways that seem to defy our natural thinking and we should never doubt His working regardless of what happens in these next few months. God is at work in the world. Pray that our leaders would feel the weight of sin that seperates us as human and that they would see that the only way that true growth can come is if they cry out to Him for mercy in humility of heart.

I pray that you may feel the Peace of God in this time and know that He is always accomplishing His purposes despite every effort put forth to thwart Him. God bless you.

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